Callie Thornton

Yes it IS true! Juvenile court Systems and child Welfare/DFCS/CPS are taking innocent children from innocent familys slapping false allegations on them and from the very beginning...they have NO intentions on giving them back. God has blessed you if you have been one of the few lucky ones to get your child/children back!

Why, WHY would or could anyone do this to us??? Simple, they have an incentive! Thanks to our government they get paid for good performance and they also get sanctioned by at the most the governor of each state for poor performance. Trust me, they can't afford the bad rep and they WANT THAT MONEY! They don't give a damn about what they are doing, probably sleep good at night, wonder what thats like?

I am the widow of an attorney who specialized in criminal law but held a passion for civil rights. If he were still here I know we would be fighting this together. He loved family and children more than the almighty dollar! I started this blog in addition to another that I have in order to help bring the public to awareness! I had no idea this was happening? Did you? Not until it happened to our family. They will attempt to terminate my daughters parental rights soon, the petition has been filed. Why have they just allowed her baby to go and reside with her in treatment? because it's a LIE!!!!! (I sure hope they don't work to hard, being as this will be extra work for the caseworkers, etc.) The court of appeals frowns on cases that have case plans showing CPS just quit on the clients reunification.....Several months ago I ran across something that started leading me in the right direction to what was going on. Here is the link:

"Best Practices" in Termination and Adoption Cases

Question number 7 refers to the TPR and when to quit working with the client! The first Juvenile court judge in attendance on the list is Judge Michael Key from Troup County GA. He is our county juvenile judge and next in line for I believe it might be president of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges,  national leaders in the implementation of federal and state child welfare laws. Please pay close attention to what you are reading. They are taught not to keep secrets but to mislead people. It's all in the wording and you will notice contradictions. Take your time and read the entire thing slowly and carefully. This was the first finding of my investigation.

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