Callie Thornton
Less traumatic procedures will be introduced by the Victorian Government to help children at risk of abuse. Child protection workers will be able to mediate with families on such tender issues, like whether a child is removed from his or her home. Hence, under the radical changes planned by the State Government, mediation instead of the adversarial court system will be used.

This way, children and their families can avoid going to the court, revealed Attorney General Rob Hulls. He shared that it is very shocking for children to sit in court for the court's proceedings.

He said, "It's very important that we have these new child protection resolution conferences, where people can sit around the table away from the court in an environment where it's far more amenable to trying to resolve the matters in the best interests of the child".

Child protection resolution conferences will be set up at which the parties involved in a case and their lawyers will meet in a non-court setting with a judicial convener. All the people related to the child will be involved including the parents, foster carers and child protection workers.
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  1. I strongly suggest that biological parents are familiar with the post adoption rules and techniqes before agreeing to sign or relinquish their parental rights before entering into an agreement under mediation. These contracts are not inforceable as the adoptive parents have control over the child once adopted and have the final say so in all matters.