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I am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 5, I have raised one grand daughter all of her life and she is in the 6th grade in GA. I don’t blame the teachers although a lot of them don’t seem to mind blaming us!

For the past year or so I have been trying to figure out what in the world was going wrong with my grand daughter and school. She has been a gifted student since 1st grade. I have read posts from teachers where they have said that they were not much more than robots in class. The teachers are not the only ones who are “robots,” the children….. “all of our children!” It’s not just Georgia either it’s our entire nation of children and educators. School Reform was deliberately designed to set them up for the workforce and nothing else! People either know, don’t know, or don’t want to know what this is all about.

Judy B. Codding, President and Chief Executive Officer of “America's Choice,” along with Dr. D.L. Cuddy, Mark Tucker, Michael Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Hilda Taba, Scot Nearing, Judge John Hylan, Ralph Tyler, The Carnegie Corporation, “ Rockefeller,” Dr. Abraham Flexner, Marx, Stalin, H. Rowan Gaither, Norman Dodd, oh and we don't want to forget John Dewey. I imagine most of you have heard or studied something about his Cosmopolitanism ways and you may or may not have learned that he disliked intelligent children. Did you know he was founder of the University of Chicago Laboratory School and they still praise him today? Isn’t that the school our President and First Lady sent their children to? If you put all these names plus many, many more in a pot and stir them up you get the much awaited school reform that has been planned for our nation for many years.

The more I researched the more things fell into place. A lot of people knew, Hillary Clinton knew! Yes, that’s right, she knew! At the time she was uplifting the Public and Our Government Officials about putting into action School Reform, not everyone realized the negative impact it could have and many were happy it was going to happen. After being put into place, slowly and subtly, we are now seeing that is not the “meaningful, positive changes,” that we were told we would be seeing but just the opposite. Administrator’s, School Psychologists, Teachers and Children have/are being taught basically from the Quantum Learning Technique, based on the philosophical foundation of John Dewey. The No Child Left Behind Act fit right into the plan.

The United Nations Convention on The Rights of The Child Treaty or UNCRC has not even been ratified yet but it’s expected to be and the President and staff are working their way toward just that. Every country but Somalia and the US have Ratified and he publicly announced that America was an embarrassment for not ratifying yet. Have any of you read the UN Treaty? Have you read the CRC? I hope you read it carefully if you did. After 20 years of being in place it is proving not to be all that it claimed it would be for what sounded like the “good” for the child in the UK! Officers of the Courts in our Judicial System have been quoting International citations for quite sometime in our Courts. More and more I wonder what happened to due process of law? I'd sure like to know because Our Constitution is still in place!

The STW, School To Work program plan is not how it seems. Our children are being used and are being led to believe that they can reach their goals if they try hard enough. Eventually they won't get anywhere! The core subjects now are 1. Science and 2. Math. It's almost too hard to believe that so many people are "with" this strange curriculum, especially very well educated people. Thyey are taught usually by another person sometimes called a "change agent," and I have read they are being taught to teach these children the wrong way No, I don’t blame the teachers or the parents but I place a lot of blame on those Government Officials who did know! The one’s who were suppose to be looking out for everyone’s best interest, especially, “the best interest of the child”.

Now President Obama wants to reform it again! Major reform of education has been tried time and time again in the past with mostly failed attempts. What do we have now that we didn’t have then? We have the Technology! President Obama wants to make broadband capacity available to everyone throughout the country, over the next five years. Where will he get the money? He also wants to rewrite the federal education law. He wants the federal government to have a role in education. New Technology would be wonderful for our education system if it were used is a healthy way and if we could afford it! The No Child Left Behind Act law due for renewal right now. I would like to include this citation from:

The Last Word
"With support for NCLB/Helter-Skelter faltering in Congress as the country wakes up to the stupidity of the change strategies and the damage being done to its schools, No Child Left has accompished its goal, the repeal or drastic amendment of the law which will occur during 2009. Publication of the journal stopped with the May 2007 issue but the site will remain as an archive of articles exploring the distortions, simple-minded thinking and fraudulent notions hidden within this dangerous experiment."

Remember the slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Must we sit idly by while Our Countries Children are Abused with evil intellect blocking to be left with open ended answers to their questions and an education by trickery, giving Obama his attempt at School Reform when we know it may now be accomplishable?  I Say NO!

Please read The Congressional Testimony Excerpted From The US Congressional Records, "Background Of School to Work Concept." The Hyde, Cuddy Testimony:

"Oh it’s going to take a Village, alright, it’s going to take Much MORE than a village to straighten out the damage that’s already been done."
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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your posting on the UNCRC and the unbelievably bad public school reform being put in place. For more information on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, go to or my video at

    Protecting children by empowering parents,
    Eric Potter MD
    Tennessee Director for Parental Rights.Org