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Corner Brook, N.L. — The Canadian Press
Published on Saturday, Apr. 03, 2010 1:00PM EDT
Last updated on Saturday, Apr. 03, 2010 1:04PM EDT

Newfoundland pair learn they have been within shouting distance from one another

The world can seem like such a big place when you are searching for someone missing in your life, but then again sometimes that person turns out to be right before you.

Stephen Goosney, 29, and Tommy Larkin, 30, were born a year and a half apart. They were both adopted and began life knowing they were missing vital pieces of their personal history.

The two men told the Corner Brook Western Star they began the process of finding out who they were several years ago, both citing medical history as their primary reason behind the search.

They soon uncovered their past — just across the street from one another.

The pair discovered from an adoption agency that they had been within shouting distance for seven months.

“It was a good feeling, knowing there was actually someone looking for me too,” Mr. Goosney said in an interview with the newspaper.

There was hope they would be living close together, but an understanding that, even if they were adopted by Newfoundland and Labrador families, there is a good chance they could be far apart.

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