Callie Thornton
"Child Rights" Forces Gearing Up Again

The “child rights forces,” led by one particular organization of internationalists, are gearing up once again. According to a recent newsletter, The Campaign for US Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child just acquired a new advocacy and grassroots director who will build “a database of senator profiles identifying how senators support and oppose children’s bills before congress,” to help their campaign target senators to support the CRC. They have also just pushed for and received from The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) an endorsement of the CRC, which I suppose should come as no surprise. If the CRC were ratified, family courts and those who work in that system would stand to gain power and money as they begin to play a primary role in enforcing U.S. obligations under the Convention.

Fortunately, we are getting ready to launch a major campaign of our own that will remove the threat of the CRC for a little while. The Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution remains the only permanent solution to this international effort to steal parental rights and place the government in control of our families – under strict U.N. guidelines. But we are gearing up for a short-term fix in the meantime, and we look forward to giving you those details in the next week or two.

Action Items

This is the fourth and final week of our effort to encourage each of you to secure one new petition signer per week. Though our efforts so far have not been as fruitful as we hoped, it is not too late to join in, and it is not too hard to add all four signatures this week!

Even more importantly, though, it is vital that as many as possible print out this petition and get as many as you can to sign up and add their email address to our list. This is specifically because we are about to launch a major call-in blitz to the U.S. Senate. Don’t call yet – we’ll let you know when and where to call and what to say – but it is urgent to line up as many people as possible to participate in that blitz. As mentioned above, we expect that blitz within the next two weeks

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